Machine Learning for everyone

Progress update on our Machine Learning Jump Start course

Last year we announced to build a fresh, beginner-friendly Machine Learning course with the promise to make this exciting field more accessible for starters. Many people want to get started with Machine Learning but have yet to find a course that isn’t overloaded by heavy math and science. Our Machine Learning Jump Start breaks with that by explaining concepts in simple terms and focusing on easy to follow, practical online labs using the MachineLabs platform.

MachineLabs goes open source

We started MachineLabs with the main goal to provide the community better tools to get started with Machine Learning. Everyone should be able to immediately start writing Machine Learning code without ever having to worry about setting up a complicated software stack themselves.

Introducing Private labs, Editor improvements and more

Earlier this month we’ve announced that we’ve entered public beta and MachineLabs is now open to everyone, making it (hopefully) easier to enter the field of Machine Learning. With this new chapter we also started working on implementing new features that make our platform even more useful.

Read on to learn more about private labs, a better profile page and more!

MachineLabs is now in public beta

The day has come. After one year of building a platform to make Machine Learning easier learn, share and explore, we are super happy to announce that MachineLabs is now in public beta!

Shopware becomes Gold Sponsor

Making Machine Learning accessible and explorable for everyone is at the very heart of our mission and we’ve been working tirelessly over the last months to work towards this goal. In fact, we are pretty happy with what we’ve accomplished over the recent months with a very small team.

Machine Learning Jump Start Online Course

At MachineLabs our main goal is to make Machine Learning more approachable for all kind of different developers.

This mission comes in two parts: Creating an environment that makes it easy to run Machine Learning experiments, and, making it simple to learn how to do Machine Learning in the first place.

Today we are excited to announce the most practical Machine Learning online course.

Announcing GPU support and revisiting the neural style transfer

It’s been less than two month since we demoed a neural style transfer (aka photo to Picasso) that can be forked and fiddled with straight in the browser. It’s been a major milestone for us but we’ve also been clear that it’s really just the absolute tip of the iceberg.

Back then, our experiment ran on CPU and applying the style transfer took several hours. It’s been one of our biggest promises to enable users to run Machine Learning code on blazingly fast optimized GPU-accelerated hardware.

Today, we are happy and excited to announce GPU support for the MachineLabs platform!

Feature update - Landing page

It’s been a little over two weeks since our last feature update where we have introduced a REST API and folder support in MachineLabs. We are constantly working on improvements and most importantly a better experience for our users. Today we are stoked to announce another important feature that we’re bringing onto the streets.

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