Launching Private Beta

The time has come! Today we let the first batch of users enter the MachineLabs Private Beta program. Want to get in as well? Make sure to login with your GitHub account, to increase the chances of getting selected for the next batch!

We are just getting started so things may still be a little bit rough around the edges but hey that’s the joy of riding on the bleeding edge, right?

Here are some important things to get you started.


What can I do with MachineLabs?

MachineLabs is an online code editor with access to TensorFlow / Keras and all the standard Python librabries one needs to do serious Machine Learning. You can do pretty much everything that is possible with these frameworks and libraries. For instance, here’s a lab with serveral executions demoing recognition of hand-written digits with the popular MNIST dataset:

Can I use GPU?

Not yet. We are on it. Stay tuned.

How do I get access to datasets?

You have unlimited internet access in your lab, which means you can access any dataset you like. Check out the examples in the Keras project to get some inspiration.

Can I save / download outputs?

Not yet. Bummer we know. We are on it. For now, the training output is all that is preserved. Yes, all you have to do is saving your data to the lab’s ./outputs directory. For more information, read our dedicated announcement!

What’s left?

We’d love to hear back from you. If there’s anything you’re missing or anything that looks wrong, please give us feedback by sending and email to and please share your labs on Twitter, Facebook or wherever you want. Also if you send your labs to @machinelabs_ai on Twitter, we’ll make sure to retweet them!