MachineLabs is now in public beta

The day has come. After one year of building a platform to make Machine Learning easier learn, share and explore, we are super happy to announce that MachineLabs is now in public beta!

A little bit of a backstory

If this is the first time you’re reading this blog, you should know that about a year ago we’ve built a first prototype of MachineLabs with a “first make it run” approach, that looked something like this:

MachineLabs Prototype

Roughly half a year later we announced that MachineLabs is a thing and told the world what our mission is. Shortly after that, we celebrated the private beta release. During the private beta phase we kept building features such as infinite output streams or saving and downloading trained models, including file previews, and it didn’t take us long to implement a first neural style transfer right in the browser! We also added GPU support, put our official documentation up online and pre-launched the most beginner-friendly online course on Machine Learning. Just recently we had the honor to announce that Shopware became a gold sponsor of the MachineLabs project, because they strongly believe in what we’re doing.

Phew, this is quite a lot of things that brought us where we are today. The MachineLabs platform is getting better every day, we keep adding new features (more on that later), our user base is growing as well, and we see more and more people visiting our platform in general. The following graph gives a good idea of what’s going on:

MachineLabs User Growth

The statistics above show metrics of active users of the MachineLabs platform over the last 30 days and this keeps going up! For us, this is a clear sign that there’s a need for what we’re building and we couldn’t be more happy about because we have so much more in the pipe!

Most important changes in public beta

Let’s take a look at what is going to change with the public beta release and what it means to our community.

Available to everyone

During our private beta some things were still a bit rough around the edges which is why only individuals who applied for our private beta got into the platform. Also, only private beta users where able to actually run their experiments on our platform. With the release of the public beta, we no longer manually invite hand-picked people to the platform and everyone can create an account and run their experiments immediately!

Easier to use

While this is something we’re actively working on pretty much every day, it’s still worth pointing out that with the public beta release, we’ll expect an even faster growth of our user base, making it a high priority to make using MachineLabs as easy as possible.

One of the things we’ve done is replacing our existing editor experience with the Monaco Editor, which is exactly the same editor that is also used in Microsoft’s Visual Code. We believe this editor experience is much better in terms of performance, as well as usability. In fact this mean we’ll get things like mulitple cursor support and variable renaming out-of-the-box. We’ll also add things like real-time code completion in the near future!

Another thing we’re working on right now (seriously, it’s right around the corner) is a CLI so you can take your existing Machine Learning projects and run it on our GPU accelerated cloud right within MachineLabs!

Pro Features for Patreon supporters

Obviously we will keep adding new features in the future. Many of them will be available to everyone, some of them will be available to users that support us on Patreon. So if you’re interested in things like private labs, go ahead and pledge the project!

What else?

From here on we will, as already mentioned keep adding new features that will help users getting a better experience on our platform. For the next few weeks we’ll also focus a lot on our Machine Learning Jump Start, so that everyone can soon learn online how to do Machine Learning.

MachineLabs says: Thank you!

So far it’s been an amazing journey for us and we’re super happy to see that people trust in what we’re doing and our users base is growing. Thank you to everyone who believes in us and our mission! 🙏