MachineLabs goes open source

We started MachineLabs with the main goal to provide the community better tools to get started with Machine Learning. Everyone should be able to immediately start writing Machine Learning code without ever having to worry about setting up a complicated software stack themselves.

We’ve successfully achieved that goal by building a platform that makes it easy to execute Machine Learning code on specialized hardware and provides many features to make such tasks simple and fun and we are happy to see our community growing constantly.

Obviously, we don’t plan to stop here. In fact we have great plans for MachineLabs’ future and we’ll continue to push things forward by contributing with whatever we can so Machine Learning becomes simpler and more accessible for everyone.

You may have noticed that we’ve also started to work on a Machine Learning Online Course with a radical stance on simplicity to further help people getting started with this exciting field.

As our core mission has always been to empower the Machine Learning community, we believe it is critical for us to be as open and transparent as possible.

Today we are making the first step towards a more transparent and open platform but it will only be the beginning of a long, exciting journey.

Embracing full open source

Starting of today, the entire code base of MachineLabs is released as open source under the MIT license and everyone is welcome to fork and fiddle with the code.

Not only that, we’ve also shared the entire commit history of the project as well as the entire history of Github issues. With this change, all the work on MachineLabs will happen completely publicly, giving everyone the chance to join the effort to build the best Machine Learning platform available.

How to get involved

To make it as easy as possible for everyone to contribute to MachineLabs, we’ve created a Developer Guide. In addition to that we’d like to ask everyone who plans to contribute, to read our Contributing Guidelines, to make every contribution as smooth as possible.

We’d also like to point out that the MachineLabs project comes with a Code of Conduct. Everyone contributing to the project agrees to it and mustn’t violate its rules. Please read it carefully.

We’ve also created two new labels for our tickets namely hotlist: first-timers and hotlist: community-help to make it easier for newcomers to spot issues that may serve as a good entry point to the project.

To get immediate help in our community, we’ve created a Gitter channel where everyone is welcome to join. Collaborate or ask questions to your peers and invite others to sit with us as well!

Towards a fully decentralized project governance

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this post, this is really just the first step towards becoming an 100 % open and transparent project. We envision a future for MachineLabs in which the project is entirely owned and goverend by the community that creates and runs it. This will also ensure that there won’t be a conflict of interest between the open source project MachineLabs and the MachineLabs service that also generates money.The community that creates, runs and funds MachineLabs will essentially also own and steer the service.

For that to work, we’ll be looking into platforms such as Aragon and Habour to implement a decentralized governance model that will allow this kind of vision to become a reality.

Of course, this does also mean that everyone who funds the project today through our Patreon campaign or similar ways of funding will get a stake in the project when that transition happens.

We’re super excited about this move and hope to grow our community even bigger, with everyone being involved building an even better platform. Share these news with your friends, be part of the journey!