Progress update on our Machine Learning Jump Start course

Last year we announced to build a fresh, beginner-friendly Machine Learning course with the promise to make this exciting field more accessible for starters. Many people want to get started with Machine Learning but have yet to find a course that isn’t overloaded by heavy math and science. Our Machine Learning Jump Start breaks with that by explaining concepts in simple terms and focusing on easy to follow, practical online labs using the MachineLabs platform.

The course has been in pre-sale since then and it’s been very motivating for us to see all the excitement from our community all around the world.

Today we like to share an update about our progress and the current timeline for the course. Before we dive into this, enjoy this little teaser video that we recorded for you at our last company offsite in Oslo earlier this year.

While we consider the course a long-term effort and plan to update it continuously, our initial plan was to get the Early Access Preview (EAP) out this month (April 2018).

To ensure we’re shipping something that people will like we’ve decided to take a bit more time for our EAP to mature. Our new target date to deliver the EAP is the end of Q3 2018. Once the EAP is out everyone can expect to receive monthly updates to the courseware.

Please remember that no one has been or will be charged a single dollar before the EAP is out.

That, plus the fact that we give a 100 % money back guarantee for everyone who doesn’t like the course, makes the pre-order a steal deal. It basically means everyone can pre-order the course now at a reduced rate, doesn’t pay anything before the EAP ships and has the safety net of not paying anything if the course doesn’t match the expectations.

We’re deeply sorry for everyone counting on the EAP to ship this months but are confident that this is the right decision to ensure a great experience for everyone.

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