First chapter of Machine Learning Jump Start is now available

It’s been some months since we’ve last shared an update about our upcoming Machine Learning Jump Start

Today we are excited to announce that we have finished all the videos of the first chapter and it’s now live and available to all of you.

The first chapter is all about understanding the motivation behind Machine Learning as well as elaborating on the differences between good old fashioned AI aka rule-based systems and modern tools for AI such as neural networks. In the end we’ll look at the different types of Machine Learning so that we are equipped with some basic knowledge before we dive deep into the practical parts of this course.

The first chapter contains 4 videos:

  • Introduction
  • Why Machine Learning?
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Three types of Machine Learning

Our actual plan was to release the Early Access Preview (EAP) to everyone who pre-ordered the course and collect the fees. However, we decided to publish the entire first chapter as a free gift for the general public!

That doesn’t change anything for everyone who pre-ordered the course already.

Please remember that no one has been or will be charged a single dollar before the EAP is out.

We still plan to release an EAP later (targeted for Q2 2019) that will then be exclusively delivered to those who booked the course.

Pre-ordering the course now is still the best option to guarantee to get the course at a discounted rate.

That, plus the fact that we give a 100% money back guarantee for everyone who doesn’t like the course, makes the pre-order a steal deal. It basically means everyone can pre-order the course now at a reduced rate, doesn’t pay anything before the EAP ships and has the safety net of not paying anything if the course doesn’t match the expectations.

Last but not least, we would appreciate any feedback on the first chapter! Any feedback is helpful for us to improve upcoming videos. If there is anything you like or dislike in particular, please reach out to us on Twitter or directly shoot us an email to hello at

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