MachineLabs is shutting down

Those that have been following our mission closely may have already wondered about the silence in this blog. We’d like to start with an apology for leaving our fans in the dark for so long. Unfortunately, today, we have to make a sad announcement: MachineLabs is shutting down.

Reflecting on our journey

We started MachineLabs as a small team of software engineers who became excited about Machine Learning. As we were diving into this exciting field, we started writing software to fix the problems and annoyances that we were experiencing on our own journey. When that software turned into the platform MachineLabs, we were really excited to receive so much positive feedback from the community. It seemed that fixing our own problems correlated very well with the problems other newcomers were experiencing as well!

That said, as we looked deeper into all the features that professional data scientists care about, increasingly it became clear that we would face strong competition and that making MachineLabs profitable would become very hard for us.

However, we didn’t start MachineLabs with the primary goal to turn this into a big cash cow and so we shifted our focus a little: We made the entire platform open source and wanted to turn this into the best open source Machine Learning platform, entirely governed by the community.

Additionally, we wanted to create an online course for machine learning newcomers (like us!). Given our background in software training, this was a direction that we were very comfortable with.

And then came Blockchain

Around the same time that we started looking into Machine Learning, we also started learning and getting excited about the whole blockchain space, Ethereum in particular. In fact, we had ambitious plans to combine both fields in various ways!

As time went on it turned out that our love for the whole Ethereum space grew faster than our excitement for the Machine Learning field. Development of both the platform and the online course slowed down and we continuously missed our own deadlines.

We tried to juggle between the different projects and focus our energy on the online course but eventually we reached the point where we feel that we have to cut our losses and pull the plug.

Shutting down

We are deeply sorry to let our fans hanging. Please have mercy with us, our motives were honest and good.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Those that pre-ordered the online course don’t need to do anything. We have never collected a single dollar and canceled all pre-orders. Dominic is planning to eventually finish the course, so watch out for that.

  2. The MachineLabs platform hosted on will shut down on June 15, 2019. It is possible to download all labs using the MachineLabs CLI.

  3. The entire code of the MachineLabs platform remains open source and is hosted on GitHub. If anyone feels like taking it over, please don’t hesitate, we’ll cheer you on!

For any feedback or questions please feel free to reach out to us on